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2020: The Year of Data

An in-depth analysis of goals for 2020, along with statistics across social media, blogs, and my link tracker.

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Run EF Core Queries on SQL Server From Blazor WebAssembly

A diary of building Expression Power Tools, a library that helps work with expressions and queries. Includes the ability to deserialize and reserialize a query so you can write a LINQ query in a Blazor WebAssembly client and execute it remotely on an ASP.NET Core server using Entity Framework Core.

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Inspect and Mutate IQueryable Expression Trees

Learn how to build a custom query provider that intercepts the execution of IQueryable queries to snapshot and/or transform the expression. See examples of how to enforce an item limit and evaluate which parts of the filter succeeded or failed to provider the final enumerated result.

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Look Behind the IQueryable Curtain

Learn how to parse the expressions behind queries using the built-in ExpressionVisitor class. After successfully parsing an expression tree, discover how to modify the tree and apply your own rules by implementing your own queryable host.

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Build an Azure AD Secured Blazor Server Line of Business App

Build a Blazor Server line of business app on top of an existing set of libraries with Azure Active Directory authentication. Features sorting, filtering, auditing, optimistic concurrency and more, with a control UI that is shared between client and server projects.

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Build a Blazor WebAssembly LOB App Part 4: Make it Blazor-Friendly

Part 4 of the series that describes a fully functional real-world project built in Blazor WebAssembly with EF Core. Part 4 explains how the app was refactored to current state in order to take advantage of more built-in Blazor features..

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