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TypeScript for JavaScript Developers by Refactoring Part 1 of 2

Learn TypeScript by taking a journey refactoring an existing JavaScript application. Step by step, with short 1–2 minute video clips, you discover the immediate benefits of using TypeScript.

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Gopher meet Plasma: A WebAssembly Experiment

A walk through to building a high performance plasma effect using JavaScript’s canvas in conjunction with WebAssembly by compiling Go to WASM.

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Migrating Azure Functions from v1 (.NET) to v2 (.NET Standard)

This post explains how a production serverless C# app that uses Azure Functions, Azure Table Storage, and Azure Cosmos DB was successfully migrated from v1 using .NET to v2 using .NET Standard.

Azure ] [ Azure Functions ] [ Serverless ] [ Net Core ] [ Cloud Computing ]
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Azure Event Grid: The Whole Story

Learn about Azure Event Grid for event-driven cloud computing with massive scale and high availability. See how to send and consume messages both inside and outside of Azure, including custom code.

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Hack Your Career (Part Two of Two)

Tips and tricks from 25 years of professional development experience to help you hack your technology career.

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Hack Your Career (Part One of Two)

Five tips to move forward in your technology career from a 25-year professional development veteran.

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