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Advanced Blazor: Shared Assemblies and Debugging from Edge

Advanced Blazor techniques covered such as sharing Razor class libraries between a Blazor WebAssembly project and Blazor server-side. Shows how to reference embedded resources like JavaScript libraries, debug on server-side then deploy as client-side and debug in the browser.

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Build Data-Driven Web Apps Blazing Fast with Blazor and OData

Build data-driven .NET applications with seamless client-server communication using fluent C# LINQ over OData (like GraphQL but without the JSON).

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TypeScript for JavaScript Developers by Refactoring Part 1 of 2

Learn TypeScript by taking a journey refactoring an existing JavaScript application. Step by step, with short 1–2 minute video clips, you discover the immediate benefits of using TypeScript.

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MVVM Support in Blazor

Simple solution for change detection across Blazor components by supporting the MVVM pattern and INotifiyPropertyChanged.

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Presentation: Introduction to TypeScript

Recap of presentation with full source code repository and interactive presentation introducing TypeScript to JavaScript developers.

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Web Apps on Linux: JavaScript Jabber

Podcast about Azure Web Apps on Linux, a cloud service that supports CI/CD for Docker containers, Node.js, PHP, GoLang and more!

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