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Presentation: Introduction to TypeScript

Recap of presentation with full source code repository and interactive presentation introducing TypeScript to JavaScript developers.

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Connect.Tech 2017: Node.js and TypeScript

Introduction to Node.js, how to deploy Node.js apps to Azure and connect to CosmosDB, the benefits of TypeScript and how TypeScript works with Node.js projects.

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Music City Code 2017

This was my first year to attend the Music City Code conference in “the Music City” Nashville, Tennessee. It was held on the beautiful Vanderbilt University campus, where they advertise a 3-to-1…

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Create a Serverless Angular App with Azure Functions and Blob Storage

Learn how to create a fully serverless Angular TypeScript and Node.js app using Azure Functions and Azure Blob Storage.

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Celebrating Twenty Years of Open Source

Open source software, or OSS, is a buzzword today but has been around for decades. This article explores the history of Jeremy’s experience with open source software.

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An Adventure in Redux: Building redux-adventure

Learn about the JavaScript Redux library for state machines by building an adventure game with TypeScript and Angular.

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