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Serverless HTTP With Durable Functions

Durable functions enable implicit and explicit state management for serverless workflows and accommodate a variety of patterns. A new addition, the HTTP task, helps manage interactions with HTTP endpoints including error handling and support for long polling.

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Moving From Lambda ฦ› to Azure Functions <โšก>

Six part video series walks through migration of a JavaScript Node.js AWS Lambda serverless function that uses DynamoDB for cache to Azure Functions.

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Introducing Durable Entities for Serverless State

Learn how durable entities provide explicit management of state in serverless applications and guarantee operations are safe to execute without concurrency conflicts.

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Stateful Serverless: Long-Running Workflows with Durable Functions

Learn how to implement long running stateful workflows in a serverless architecture using Durable Functions, the combination of the open source Durable Task Framework and Azure Functions.

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Serverless Video: Less Servers, More Code

A video that covers the definition of serverless, describes scenarios that serverless makes sense and provides practical, working examples using Azure Functions, Logic Apps, and Event Grid.

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Migrating Azure Functions from v1 (.NET) to v2 (.NET Standard)

This post explains how a production serverless C# app that uses Azure Functions, Azure Table Storage, and Azure Cosmos DB was successfully migrated from v1 usingย .NET to v2 usingย .NET Standard.

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