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Play the Chaos Game to Understand WebAssembly Memory Management

Explore memory management, passing and accessing arrays between JavaScript and WebAssembly with this fractal “chaos game” coded in C.

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What the Shard?

Learn how to leverage the MongoDB C# driver to set up sharding with partition key from code for your Azure Cosmos DB database.

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Getting Behind the 9-Ball: Cosmos DB Consistency Levels Explained

Explore cloud NoSQL Azure Cosmos DB database consistency levels like “strong”, “bounded staleness” and “consistent prefix” using a billiards game analogy to explain what they mean.

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The Year of Docker, Serverless, and .NET Core: 2017 in Review

A recap of activity from 2017 with statistics that focuses on popular tweets, articles, and clicks to uncover trends including serverless, Docker containers, .NET Core 2.0 and more.

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Get Started with CosmosDB SQL API

Video walk through shows how to create an Azure Cloud-based NoSQL database with CosmosDB and connect from a .NET application using the SQL API in under 5 minutes.

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.NET Rocks: Migrating to .NET Core 2.0

.NET Core 2 is out — are you ready to migrate? Carl and Richard talk to me about my experiences migrating my own projects over to Core 2 from .NET Framework.