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Serverless Video: Less Servers, More Code

A video that covers the definition of serverless, describes scenarios that serverless makes sense and provides practical, working examples using Azure Functions, Logic Apps, and Event Grid.

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Managing Data ๐Ÿ“ˆ in the Cloud โ˜

Learn how to classify your data (structured, semi-structured and unstructured) and use Azure storage, managed NoSQL and hosted relational databases to manage your data in the cloud.

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Presentation: WebAssembly, C#, and Blazor at CodeStock 2019

Get the presentation, source code and step-by-step demo instructions for a session that covers how to run C# andย .NET in the browser without plugins using Blazor over WebAssembly.

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TypeScript for JavaScript Developers by Refactoring Part 2 of 2

Learn advanced TypeScript features by refactoring JavaScript to use interfaces, apply type guards, and create aspect-oriented reusable behaviors with experimental decorators.

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Serverless in South Florida

Contains videos of demos, full deck, and photo recap of South Florida Code Camp presentation about serverless applications on Azure including functions, logic apps, event grid, and app insights.

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Connect.Tech 2017: Node.js and TypeScript

Introduction to Node.js, how to deploy Node.js apps to Azure and connect to CosmosDB, the benefits of TypeScript and how TypeScript works with Node.js projects.