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Blazor: .NET in Your Browser

A quick hands-on video introduction to Blazor, a cross-platform full stack solution for creating Single Page Apps using C# and .NET.

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Exploring Blazor

Full presentation video with hands-on demonstration of Blazor, a cross-platform solution for building Single Page Applications using C#. Learn about WebAssembly and how it enables .NET to run in the browser without plugins and see firsthand how fast and easy it is to build web apps.

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After Your Talk πŸ—£: The Power πŸ’ͺ of Leverage

A guide to building momentum from your technical presentation and transforming a single talk into content that continues to deliver value long after the event is over.

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It's Time ⌚ to Talk πŸ—£! The Day of Your Presentation

Keys to a successful technical presentation, including your routine the day of, how to handle nerves, ways to start the talk, managing questions and concluding strong.

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What's in the πŸ’Ό Bag? Packing Tips for Technical 🎦 Presentations

Don't leave for a technical presentation without considering these key things that will help you whether you are traveling around the block or around the world.

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Serverless Video: Less Servers, More Code

A video that covers the definition of serverless, describes scenarios that serverless makes sense and provides practical, working examples using Azure Functions, Logic Apps, and Event Grid.

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