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Getting Behind the 9-Ball: Cosmos DB Consistency Levels Explained

Explore cloud NoSQL Azure Cosmos DB database consistency levels like “strong”, “bounded staleness” and “consistent prefix” using a billiards game analogy to explain what they mean.

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Serverless Twitter Analytics with CosmosDB and Logic Apps

Learn how to use Logic Apps to query CosmosDB documents, authenticate with and search Twitter, and provide insightful analytics without writing code.

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Get Started with CosmosDB SQL API

Video walk through shows how to create an Azure Cloud-based NoSQL database with CosmosDB and connect from a .NET application using the SQL API in under 5 minutes.

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Expanding Azure Functions to the Cosmos

Serverless data platform CosmosDB meets serverless compute platform Azure Functions in this example based on a URL link shortener that is used to track click-through metrics.

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Explore the Cosmos (DB) with .NET Core 2.0

Learn about the Azure CosmosDB database w/ DocumentDB, MongoDB, Gremlin (Graph) and Table storage APIs and .NET Core 2.0 examples.

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JSON and the MongoDB Driver for the .NET Developer

Learn how to leverage the MongoDB driver for .NET Core 2.0 apps to query document databases with ease and support for both strong and dynamic types.

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