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What is a Cloud Developer Advocate?

This post articulates what it means to be a cloud developer advocate and links to tweets, articles, podcasts, and blog posts to share several perspectives.

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Connect.Tech 2017: Node.js and TypeScript

Introduction to Node.js, how to deploy Node.js apps to Azure and connect to CosmosDB, the benefits of TypeScript and how TypeScript works with Node.js projects.

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Google Developer Group Atlanta: Serverless Node.js Functions

Learn how easy it is to build microservices leveraging JavaScript and Node.js with Azure Functions, Logic Apps, and Application Insights.

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Presentations Archive

This article contains descriptions of presentations Jeremy Likness gave in the past, including any videos and links to assets such as decks and source code.

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An Adventure in Redux: Building redux-adventure

Learn about the JavaScript Redux library for state machines by building an adventure game with TypeScript and Angular.

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Dependency Injection Explained via JavaScript

Dependency injection is an approach to solve inversion of control that facilitates components that are easier to test and mock. To better understand dependency injection, this article walks through the creation of a simple DI framework and explains step-by-step how it works.

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