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Presentation: Introduction to TypeScript

Recap of presentation with full source code repository and interactive presentation introducing TypeScript to JavaScript developers.

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The San Francisco/Bay Area Serverless Tour 2017

Summary of my San Francisco and Mountain View tour sharing serverless Azure Functions, Logic Apps, and Application Insights with West Coast developers.

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What is a Cloud Developer Advocate?

This post articulates what it means to be a cloud developer advocate and links to tweets, articles, podcasts, and blog posts to share several perspectives.

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Connect.Tech 2017: Node.js and TypeScript

Introduction to Node.js, how to deploy Node.js apps to Azure and connect to CosmosDB, the benefits of TypeScript and how TypeScript works with Node.js projects.

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Google Developer Group Atlanta: Serverless Node.js Functions

Learn how easy it is to build microservices leveraging JavaScript and Node.js with Azure Functions, Logic Apps, and Application Insights.

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Presentations Archive

This article contains descriptions of presentations Jeremy Likness gave in the past, including any videos and links to assets such as decks and source code.

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