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Deploy WebAssembly from GitHub to Azure Storage Static Websites with Azure Pipelines

Learn how to create automated builds and deployments for CI/CD of your open source WebAssembly projects (C, C#, Go, or Rust) on GitHub.

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MongoDB on Windows in Minutes with Docker

Learn how to quickly and easily get up and running with MongoDB on your local machine using Docker and persisted volumes. Includes how to set up authentication.

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Docker Management and Kubernetes Orchestration

Learn about Docker containers and orchestration with Kubernetes. Includes live video examples using Azure Container Registry, Azure Container Instances, and Azure Kubernetes Service.

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Introduction to Azure Cloud Shell

Learn about Azure Cloud Shell, a workstation you can access from any browser in the Azure portal. It attaches to a pre-configured workstation that has several tools and utilities already installed.

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Web Apps on Linux: JavaScript Jabber

Podcast about Azure Web Apps on Linux, a cloud service that supports CI/CD for Docker containers, Node.js, PHP, GoLang and more!

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Herding Cattle with the Azure Container Service (ACS)

Deck and video focuses on Azure Container Service, a tool that enables creation and management of Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, and Mesos DC/OS clusters with ease.

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