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Web Apps on Linux: JavaScript Jabber

Podcast about Azure Web Apps on Linux, a cloud service that supports CI/CD for Docker containers, Node.js, PHP, GoLang and more!

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Build a Serverless Link Shortener with Analytics Faster than Finishing your Latte

How to leverage Azure Functions, Azure Table Storage, and Application Insights to build a serverless custom URL shortening tool.

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.NET Core 2.0 is Ready and Sterling Proves It!

Learn about the new features available in .NET Core 2.0 and how to migrate existing .NET apps with an example based on the open source Sterling NoSQL database.

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Herding Cattle with the Azure Container Service (ACS)

Deck and video focuses on Azure Container Service, a tool that enables creation and management of Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, and Mesos DC/OS clusters with ease.

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Docker Containers at Scale with Azure Web App on Linux

The Azure team recently announced a new feature that is currently in preview called Azure Web App on Linux. This feature enables you to host web apps natively on Linux. The service enables you toโ€ฆ

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Create a Serverless Angular App with Azure Functions and Blob Storage

Learn how to create a fully serverless Angular TypeScript and Node.js app using Azure Functions and Azure Blob Storage.

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