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From Angular to Blazor: The Health App

Build a sample app in Blazor, a .NET-based framework for building web apps that run in the browser and leverages C# and Razor templates to generate cross-platform, HTML5-compliant WebAssembly code.

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Say “Yes” to NoSQL for .NET SQL Developers

Learn about NoSQL, including key/value, document, graph, and column databases, and how they are implemented using the fully managed Azure CosmosDB service.

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Deploy Angular and .NET Core 2.1 to the Azure Cloud (Part Four)

Learn how to deploy an Angular application with a .NET Core backend to the cloud using serverless, static websites, and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) on Azure.

Angular ] [ .NET ] [ .NET Core ] [ Azure ] [ Serverless ]
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Get Started with Angular on .NET Core 2.1 (Part One)

Learn how Angular and .NET Core provide everything you need to deliver modern single page web applications. Set up a static web app with a dynamic REST API back-end.

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DotNext Piter 2018 Recap

My recap of a visit to St. Petersburg, Russia to present Explore the Azure Cosmos DB at the DotNext conference. Includes video and slides.

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Five RESTFul Web Design Patterns Implemented in ASP.NET Core 2.0 Part 4: Optimistic Concurrency

Learn how to implement optimistic concurrency in ASP.NET Core apps by leveraging the concept of entity tags or ETags.

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