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Serverless Link Shortener (Series: 5 Parts Total)

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Build a Serverless Link Shortener with Analytics Faster than Finishing your Latte

How to leverage Azure Functions, Azure Table Storage, and Application Insights to build a serverless custom URL shortening tool.

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Real-Time Insights with Real-Low Effort

Learn how to track performance metrics, page load times, custom events, and engage machine learning for automatic anomaly detection using Azure Application Insights.

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Expanding Azure Functions to the Cosmos

Serverless data platform CosmosDB meets serverless compute platform Azure Functions in this example based on a URL link shortener that is used to track click-through metrics.

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Exploring the CosmosDB with Power BI

Learn how I leveraged CosmosDB to store telemetry from a URL shortening tool, then analyze the data in a PowerBI dashboard.

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Serverless Twitter Analytics with CosmosDB and Logic Apps

Learn how to use Logic Apps to query CosmosDB documents, authenticate with and search Twitter, and provide insightful analytics without writing code.

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