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Comprehensive and Practical Guide to Technical Presentations (Series: 9 Parts Total)

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A Guide for Everyone Who Wants to Give Technical Presentations

Introduction to a multi-part series about brainstorming, submitting for, building, practicing, delivering, and following up on technical presentations.

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How to Choose Where to Give Your Technical Presentation

A review of different styles of venues for technical presentations. Learn how to narrow down your options and choose the right place to speak.

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The Many Flavors of Technical Presentations

A survey of different presentation styles from lightning talks to keynotes and workshops.

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The Amazing Secret to Crafting Conference Submissions that Don't Suck

Create an attention-grabbing title and mind-blowing abstract that hit the right details so your submission stands out when you apply to present a talk.

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Build a šŸ’£ Bomb-Diggity Technical Presentation (šŸŽ¤ Mic Drop Optional)

Discover the key elements to creating a technical presentation that delivers impact, leaves an impression and achieves your goal of reaching other developers to learn something new.

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How to Practice for a Lit šŸ”„ Presentation

Some strategies and tactical steps that prepare you to deliver your technical presentation.

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