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Exploring Blazor

A solution that gives C# developers what they want

There’s been a ton of buzz in the .NET community lately around Blazor. Unlike many hyped technologies however, Blazor seems to have earned the attention. It earned it in part by delivering a solution that gives C# developers what they want but doing so in a way that relied on open web standards. In this session, I go deeper into what Blazor is, how it works and how you can use it to build web apps.

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Over a decade ago, the first version of Silverlight was released and rapidly became a panacea for C# developers to write client web apps. The combination of plug-in free smartphones and evolving HTML5 standards led to its fast demise. From its ashes a new framework has been born that accomplishes what it could not: running .NET, in every modern desktop and phone browser, without plug-ins. Learn about Blazor, a framework for building Single Page Applications (SPA) that uses the power of WebAssembly to bring .NET apps to your browser.

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Jeremy Likness

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