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📅 Oct 8, 2018 🕘 1 min read 💬 150 words

Say “Yes” to NoSQL for .NET SQL Developers

Fully managed NoSQL with Azure CosmosDB

I was delighted when I discovered my TechBash 2018 presentation would be live streamed over Twitch.

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The presentation includes an in-depth overview of NoSQL, including common NoSQL “flavors” such as key/value pair, document, graph, and column-based databases. I then demonstrate how these databases are implemented using the fully managed Azure CosmosDB. The presentation includes demonstrations of several types of database, a dive into the portal to examine partition keys at work (and why they are important for partition-optimized queries) and lots of .NET and .NET Core source code.

Download the full deck ⬇ here.

View the presentation here.

Let me know what your thoughts, feedback, suggestions and questions are in the comments below!

🔗 Get started with Azure Cosmos DB for free (no credit card required).


Jeremy Likness

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