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Serverless in South Florida

Recap of my presentation about Azure Functions, Logic Apps and Event Grid

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This year I attended the South Florida Code Camp for the first time. The event is held on the Nova University campus in Davie, Florida. My main session covered building serverless apps on Azure. I have the full deck including video of demos embedded below, along with a section that contains links to explore further examples and documentation and the GitHub repo for my sample code.



I have to admit I was a bit spoiled when I left 32°F weather at home to experience 76°F weather in Florida. My hotel room wasn’t ready yet when I landed, so I took advantage of the extra time to explore the beach. I wasn’t disappointed!

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The code camp itself was amazing. There was an overwhelming number of sessions being presented.

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Well over 1,000 developers registered to attend the various talks. I took this quick picture of the lobby area before the first talk began.

For tradition, I kicked off the talk with a 360 degree photo to better “capture the moment.” Everyone had a great time participating. About 10 more attendees joined after the talk began, so it ended up being standing room only. There is a lot of interest in serverless applcations!

360 view of attendees at my serverless talk

I posted the full deck from the session that also contains videos for the demonstration portions.

View the presentation on

Serverless presentation

There were four demos. The first walked through creating a simple serverless function in the Azure portal that triggers when a file is uploaded to blob storage and saves the filename to a queue. The video has no audio.

Create a serverless app in the Azure portal

For the next demo, I walked through creating a function locally and debugging it with the help of Storage Emulator and Cloud Explorer. This is based on a recent blog post titled Azure Storage for Serverless .NET apps in Minutes.

Create a serverless app locally with Visual Studio 2017

The source code from this demo is available in my repo:


Next, I demonstrated building a Logic App that pulls the image from the queue from the first demo, connects with the Cognitive Services Vision API and retrieves a caption that describes the image, then posts it into a Slack channel. This video is also silent.

Create a Logic App from the Azure portal

I finished by covering Application Insights and how rich the metrics and analytics are for serverless applications. This video has no audio.

A demonstration of Application Insights

The deck contains several links for further reading. I have them summarized here:

Overall, I received positive feedback.

I look forward to evolving this talk and sharing it with more developers later this year! As always, you can see my upcoming talk schedule here.


Jeremy Likness

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