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Get Started with CosmosDB SQL API

Launch your first .NET project in under five minutes

CosmosDB is a globally distributed, multi-model document database. Multi-model empowers you to choose the API you will use to interact with the database.

Creating a new CosmosDB account

Creating a new CosmosDB account

As of this writing, there are five supported models:

The easiest way to get started is to follow the excellent quick start document. To make it even easier, I recently spent some time in the Channel 9 studios to record this walk through that demonstrates CosmosDB with the SQL (formerly DocumentDB) API in less than five minutes.

The portal has changed a little since I recorded this (Cassandra was added and the DocumentDB interface renamed to SQL API) but otherwise you should be able to follow along to get up and running in minutes.

Learn more about CosmosDB by reading the official CosmosDB documentation.


Jeremy Likness

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