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.NET Rocks: Migrating to .NET Core 2.0

Fun podcast covering .NET Core 2.0 and the lessons I learned migrating the open source NoSQL Sterling database.

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.NET Core 2 is out — are you ready to migrate? Carl and Richard talk to me about my experiences migrating my own projects over to Core 2 from .NET Framework.

.NET Rocks Podcast

.NET Rocks Podcast

The latest version of Core has the vast majority of the base class libraries from the original framework implemented.

👂 .NET Rocks! vNext

image: “/blog/” I talk about my open source project called Sterling that hails back from the Silverlight days as a NoSQL data store. And it migrated fine! The conversation dives into other aspects beyond being cross platform, including performance benefits and what new technologies are on the horizon that may be Core-only. It’s a great time to kick the tires on Core!

Jeremy Likness

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