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.NET Core on Channel 9 Visual Studio Toolbox

A deep dive of .NET Core 2.0, .NET Standard 2.0 and why it’s ready for developers to migrate their code today.

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Just over one month ago, I decided to port my open source Sterling Database project to .NET Core 2.0. The resulting port is available here:


I blogged about it at length here:

The popularity of the blog post took me by surprise and generated several follow-up interviews. It turns out a lot of people are interested in the capabilities of the latest .NET Core release and want to understand what’s different. I was very excited to be contacted by Dmitry Lyalin to appear on his Channel 9 show, Visual Studio Toolbox.

Jeremy Likness and Dmitry Lyalin on Channel 9’s Visual Studio Toolbox

Jeremy Likness and Dmitry Lyalin on Channel 9’s Visual Studio Toolbox

On the show, I walked through the details of the migration, shared some new code I wrote to demo its capabilities, and we had an in depth discussion about why .NET Core is ready for enterprise developers and especially to port existing libraries and frameworks forward.

Check out the full show here:

🎦 .NET Core 2.0 - Ready for library developers (with Sterling DB)


Jeremy Likness

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