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Jeremy Likness
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Where and when Jeremy Likness is speaking and the topics he will cover.

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Visit this page to see where and when I’ll be speaking and what topics I’ll be covering. If you run a conference or user group and are looking for speakers, please don’t hesitate to contact me (I have open Direct Messages) and I’ll be happy to consider your venue!

January 25, 2021 .NET Conf Virtual Event | What’s new in EF Core 5.0

.NET Conf Virtual Event: What’s New in EF Core 5

.NET Conf Virtual Event

Entity Framework Core is the preferred data access API for over 70% of .NET Core web developers. The latest version provides more functionality than ever before. In this session you will learn what EF Core is, what problems it solves, and see the latest features in action. From debugging and diagnostics to advanced queries and mapping strategies, you will discover how to build database applications using .NET code.

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